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WEBINAR EXCLUSIVE: We Need To Talk About Racism

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

The murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis policeman who knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes ignited protests against police violence and anti-Black racism all over the world. The insidiousness of racism in all societies and all aspects of life is the starting point of a timely conversation among men and women of color, each one bringing a unique perspective to the discussion.

Harry K. Thomas, former US ambassador to the Philippines, is one of the few high-ranking diplomats of color in the American foreign service. Vicente Rafael is professor of History at the University of Washington in Seattle, whose particular areas of interest includes race and ethnicity, and empire and colonialism. Lila Shahani is a journalist, academic, civil servant and former UNESCO Philippines secretary-general. Laura Verallo de Bertotto is an entrepreneur and intersectional feminist; she is also a PhD Ethnic Studies candidate at the University of California, Berkeley. Joyce Mahlatini is a Zimbabwean yoga teacher living in Manila. Kahlea Belonia is a Filipino-American model.

Moderated by Bambina Olivares

Presented in Partnership with Asia Society Philippines



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