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Why Design Remains Relevant Today

How we live, how we eat, how we work, how things function - all these are influenced by Design in ways both subtle and obvious. And Design has undoubtedly helped us survived a pandemic. Design thinking, in fact, helps us solve challenges in life, and it can be applied to the expression of Filipino culture, heritage and identity.


Listen to our panel of creative thinkers discuss how Design impacts all of humankind, how it is relevant but often taken for granted, and how design thinking should be incorporated into school curricula.

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What the Return of the Taliban Means

Afghanistan fell to Taliban forces with unexpected, confounding speed. Some Afghanis are able to flee the country as part of evacuation efforts by the American military and its allies. But what of the ones who remain, especially the women? The return of the Taliban after 20 years has chilling implications for the future and independence of women and children in Afghanistan, particularly with regard to their education.


We examine the fallout from Afghanistan from several perspectives. Listen to award-winning journalist Veronica Pedrosa, Kabul-based former United Nations Environment Programme management expert, Ernie Wijangco, political analyst Victor Manhit, and activist, educator and human rights defender, Pashtana Durrani. 

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with Dr. Kaycee Reyes

Life may have slowed down during the pandemic, but stress has taken on a whole new dimension. How do we identify stress and its related disorders and affiliations? Can we eliminate it from our lives? How do we treat it and regain balance and bliss?


Dr. Kaycee Reyes, a wellness expert, health advocate and preventive medicine doctor at Luminisce Clinic, teaches us how to recognize and avoid burnout and manage stress better.

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Brian Treacy, Sagamore USA President, conducts an exclusive virtual masterclass featuring three expressions of Sagamore Spirit Rye Whiskey paired with food.


Hosted by Whiskey Ambassador, Kris Ong.

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What’s Next for Philippine Cuisine

 News that the Department of Trade and Industry was seeking to standardize our national dish - in a country of 81 provinces, eight major dialects and more than 80 indigenous languages - had Filipinos from Luzon through to Mindanao up in arms.

 Can you really standardize adobo? Where is Philippine cuisine

headed? Is there room for innovation?

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Leadership Lessons for No. 17

The qualifications for an individual aspiring to become the President of

the Philippines are outlined in Article VII, Section 2 of the 1987 Constitution. According to the constitution, an individual may become President provided he or she meets the following criteria: (1) a natural born Filipino; (2) a registered voter; (3) must be able to read and write; (4) is 40 years of age at the day of the election; and (5) must have resided in the Philippines ten years before the election is held.


As history has taught us, the criteria above represent the barest minimum; to be President of the Philippines requires far more in terms integrity of character, sincerity of intentions and willingness to serve.

What should we expect of the next occupant of Malacañang? Political

scientists and historians discuss presidential character and leadership

in the pre-Duterte era, to acquaint the audience with the best practices

of our past presidents such as Manuel L. Quezon, Ramon Magsaysay,

Corazon Aquino, and Fidel V. Ramos.

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What are you reading?

(And how did it become a book?)

A behind the scenes look at the publishing industry with the people who publish, pick and promote the books you read.


As the cliché goes, don’t judge a book by its cover.  Indeed, how the words between the covers went from a draft by the author to the book currently in the reader’s hands is a journey that can be simultaneously laborious, frustrating, exciting and rewarding, but it’s almost always interesting.


To quote another cliché, there’s always a story behind the story.

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How Israel Beat


Israel started its COVID vaccination program as early as December 2020. The success against the pandemic lies in bringing in the vaccines early, helped by the fact that Israel has a great public health system with very strong HMOs

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The West Philippine Sea 2022:

Perils and Prospects

The ongoing maritime territorial dispute in the South China (West Philippine Sea) promises to be a key issue in the upcoming 2022 General Elections.

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Bright Lights,Big City:

Being Filipino and Breaking into the US Entertainment Industry

The world of film promises fame fame, glamor and wealth.  It is often referred to as the Dream Factory and Hollywood is its capital.  Yet the reality behind the business of dreams is brutal and unforgiving, and definitely not for the faint of heart.  It welcomes the talented, but rewards the hardworking, steely and determined, and more often than not, success in this industry is the result of timing and sheer luck.  How do you conquer the odds stacked against a Filipino-American performer, set designer, composer or producer even before you’ve gone to an audition?

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THE WEALTH REPORT 2021 A Global & Philppine Real Estate Investment Outlook

This webinar unravels the key findings of Knight Frank’s TheWealth Report 2021 and provides an outlook on global real estate – with a special focus on the Philippines. Experts will tackle trends in capital markets, property, gateway cities, and investments of passion – and what the future means for investors.

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A Flavor-Pairing Experience

It comes as no surprise that chocolate and whisky go together extremely well. The warming, complex nature of most whiskies complements and undercuts the luxurious, creamy texture of good chocolate.

Explore this blend of tastes and textures in a pairing class five special Single Malt Scotch Whiskies,led by Diageo Brand Ambassador Rian Asiddao, and five unique single origin artisanal chocolatescrafted by Tigre y Oliva, introduced by its Partner/Owner Rob Crisostomo.

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If you’ve been following Bitcoin’s performance in the markets, you’ll notice that its value has been rising. Recently, it evencrossed the US$60,000 mark briefly, before falling slightly
to hover between $52,000 to $58,000. Elon Musk no doubt contributed to the surge when he announced that Tesla had bought US$1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin.

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How to improve the Philippine response

to COVID-19 in order to cope more effectively with the effects of the pandemic

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The Riches of the Philippines above and below Water

Our country is blessed with a diverse and impressive terrestrial and marine ecosystem. Palawan, Mindoro and the Verde Island Passage are among the key biodiversity areas that need to be protected and preserved.

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Listen to Dr. Charito Consolacion, Medical Director of the University of Santo Tomas Hospital, discuss the reality of COVID-19 in the country today, and how vaccines are crucial to reclaiming our lives, as well as the country’s economic recovery. Dr. Rodolfo Angeles, a licensed physician and faculty member of the UST College of Nursing, weighs in on various treatments and prophylactics such as Ivermectin.

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Stop the Hate:

Fighting Anti-Asian Racism

The Chinese origins of the coronavirus that caused the global COVID-19 pandemic have helped to stoke anti-Asian hate around the world. Violent attacks against Asian-Americans have increased in recent months, including the deadly shooting of six Asian women in three Asian-run spas in Atlanta, Georgia, and the brutal assault of a 65-year-old Filipina woman in New York City, who was on her way to church..  The “model minority” has now found its voice and is speaking out against these racially motivated acts.

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A Photographic Journey through Africa, Latin America and Antarctica

Capture nature at its most majestic - from endangered wildlife to colourful birdlife, surreal landscapes and vanishing tribes.


Put on your explorer hat with A2A Safaris and join A2A Safaris’ Co-Founder and Chief Wildlife Photographer, Jose Cortes III on a Zoom Safari to learn about different angles to shoot wildlife species, including how to take great shots on your mobile phones in the habitats that they live in Africa, South America and the Antarctic!

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With the ongoing pandemic, and with new found liquidity for some sectors, many are asking where their money could grow best? Join Fintech Philippines Association with the support of Manila House and the British Chamber of Commerce and Industry as we tackle a concern made famous in the movie Jerry Maguire ... “Show me the money!”

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PANDEMIC SURVIVAL GUIDE: Your Mental and Physical Wellbeing

COVID-19 may still be with us for a long time, despite the arrival of the vaccine. Staying sane andkeeping fit throughout this time should be a priority,say Dr. Aisa Yamamoto, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Jason Villanueva, Nutritionist-Dietitian, and Von Guintu, Psychologist.

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A Conversation about Art

The recent work of four of our Members, all accomplished artists - Carlo Calma, Tracie Anglo Dizon, Whee (Wonhee Cha Delgado) and Jay Yao - are currently on show at a group exhibition alongside Kim Lim and Ciane Xavier. They discuss creating art during a pandemic: their inspirations, their hesitations and their hopes for the future of artistic expression in a world that has been transformed.

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Blockchain is more than just Bitcoin. Join Jeff Wentworth, the co-founder of Curvegrid, a blockchain SaaS startup based in Tokyo, Jonathan Morgan, the co-founder of Kobe International Blockchain Research Centre (Kobeibrc) in Japan, and leading information and technology law expert JJ Disini, weighs in as a reactor, to discover Blockchain's value beyond cryptocurrency/finance and take a deep dive into new areas in which the technology can revolutionize business.

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Women in Travel

As leisure travel prepares for a surge in demand post-pandemic, these women travel specialists have forged ahead with their bespoke boutique approach to travel. They discuss the future of travel in a world where health and safety are top priority.

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Love, Happiness and Romance in the time of Covid

Even couples who have been together for a long time may have found their relationships under unprecedented strain brought about by the lockdown. Others may have rediscovered the joys of intimacy under confinement.


The Happiness Doctor, Lia Bernardo will guide you through resources you can use for creating your own heaven on earth even during these uncertain and stressful times

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The Art of Pairing

Gin, everyone’s favorite tipple, is often enjoyed when mixed with other ingredients to make a cocktail; the bar chow tends to come as an afterthought. To be fair, gin pretty much goes with any appetizer, but certain kinds of food can complement certainartisanal and craft gins, bringing out the underlying subtle flavors and turning a meredrink into a gustatory experience.

It’s time to get GIN-timate! Couple up and come to a special Gin Pairing Class with Gin Master Simon Coté, featuring four boutique craft gins paired with food.

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Can We Live without Social Media?

The power of social media came into sharp focus during the US presidential elections, with the former president himself deplatformed from the likes of Twitter and Facebook. Statistical analyses since have shown that there has been a 73% decrease in disinformation since Trump was shut out of Twitter. So can we live without social media, and if not, how do we make social media work for us and society at large? How do we move forward from here?

Social media experts Andrea Duldulao and Teddy Mapa, Regional Lead, Asia-Pacific for Instagram, Alexander de Leon, and clinical psychologist Josie Banaglorioso, discuss the pluses and pitfalls of social media.

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Live from Africa with Peter Allison

Who doesn’t have an African safari on their ultimate bucket list? The African bush experience is a truly exciting and educational opportunity to observenature up close, at its most magnificent and primal.With travel on hold at the moment, however, seeing lions, leopards, lemurs and more in the wild may have to wait. Fortunately, technology makes it possible to go on a virtual safari.

So move over, Dora the explorer, and meet Peter Allison, the Chief Wildlife Detective! He takes kids on an exciting and exclusive Zoom safari to learn about different wildlife species, including how to track animals in the wild and explore the habitats that they live in.

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Vaccines save millions of lives each year. Vaccines work by training and preparing the body’s natural defences - theimmune system - to recognize and fight off the viruses andbacteria they target. If the body is exposed to those disease- causing germs later, the body is immediately ready to destroy them, preventing illness.

When it comes to COVID-19 vaccines, how do we separate fact from rumor? Join infectious diseases expert Dr. Benjamin Co as he discusses what we need to know about the vaccines that will soon become available in the Philippines.