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Manila House Members can access a number of reciprocal clubs around the world

1880, Singapore

Alberts, New Zealand

AllBright, UK

Common House -  Charlottesville, Chattanooga, Richmond

Clio, Toronto

Eight Bank, UK

Jolie’s, India

Eight Core, UK

Eight Moorgate, UK

Here House, USA

Kjarval, Iceland

The Modernist, San Francisco

The Square Club, UK

The Aster, USA

The Battery, USA

The Court, UK

The Pershing, USA

The Quorum, India

Wingtip, USA

12 Hay Hill, UK

Artyzen Club, Hong Kong

Brodyland, Hungary

The American Club, Hong Kong

The City Society, Beijing

The Tower Club, Singapore

United Services Recreation Club, Hong Kong

We Are_, France

Work Club Global, Australia

Mandala Club, Singapore

The British Club, Thailand

Cartel Club, South Africa

Candela Nuevo Club, Australia

Club Matador, Spain

Juno House, Spain



  1. All requests for visits to and bookings at our reciprocal clubs must be coursed through Manila House at least three (3) working days before your intended visit. 

  2. Kindly include the dates of your visit, as well as the number of guests you wish to bring, as each club sets its own limits. 

  3. Please wait for an email confirmation that your visit has been approved before proceeding to the reciprocal club. 

  4. Please have your Manila House membership card on hand should the reciprocal club request to see it.

  5. Kindly refrain from calling the reciprocal club directly to announce your visit or make a booking.

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