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WEBINAR EXCLUSIVE: Step Into My Sudio: In The Camargue with French artist Pierre-Marie Brisson

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

With most of the world on lockdown and exhibitions on hold, French painter Pierre-Marie Brisson found himself in “monastic” isolation in the town of Camargue in the south of France, where he found inspiration in the renewal of nature.

Away from his other home in Alcoy, Cebu, where his studio overlooks the sea, Brisson takes us on a tour of his Mediterranean atelier and shows us his latest works and creative processes.

Moderated by Bambina Olivares


Pierre-Marie Brisson spent his childhood in Orléans, France, where he was born. In his 20's he left the academe to pursue his art on his terms and gradually his work received critical notice, first in the art community in Orléans after a solo show at Musée Charles Peguy, then later in Paris, further on to New York and San Francisco through the Franklin Bowles Galleries in the United States. He later showed his works in Japan in a series of exhibits in Tokyo, Osaka and Kobe.

His work is in many prestigious collections in the US and in Europe including museum collections such as the Cobra Museum in Florida, the Jewish Museum in New York and in L’achenbach Foundation in San Francisco.

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