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If you’ve been following Bitcoin’s performance in the markets,you’ll notice that its value has been rising. Recently, it even crossed the US$60,000 mark briefly, before falling slightly to hover between $52,000 too $58,000. Elon Musk no doubtcontributed to the surge when he announced that Tesla hadbought US$1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin.

Ethereum also made the headlines when Christie’s sold thefirst NFT (Non Fungible Token) work of art, created by Beeple, at auction. The buyer paid in Ether, or ETH, the cryptocurrency built on top of the open-source Ethereum blockchain.

Even as words like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain and NFTs have crept into our everyday language, the world of cryptocurrencyremains a mystery to the ordinary person. Chris Tan, Regional Marketing Head of OKEX, the leading global crypto exchange, breaks it down and explains how cryptocurrency works, how toinvest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and start trading.

Former investment banker, management consultant and portfolio investor Leo Alejandrino moderates.



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