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Blockchain technology is fairly new territory for many of us, but it’s poised to change the way the world does business in the near future.

Jeff Wentworth, the co-founder of Curvegrid, a blockchain SaaS startup based in Tokyo, began his presentation with an introduction to the current craze in the art world, Non-Fungible Tokens or NFT, with one particular artwork already by the artist known as Beeple being auctioned by Christie’s, with crypto being accepted as a form of payment alongside the standard payment modes. He also did a quick demo of how blockchain technology worked. Jonathan Morgan, the co-founder of Kobe International Blockchain Research Centre (Kobeibrc) in Japan, demonstrated business case uses for blockchain, while leading Philippine technology lawyer JJ Disini tackled Philippine regulatory policies and laws towards blockchain and cryptocurrency. Mathieu Labro of the Tokyo-based enterprise cloud collaboration platform provider, moderated the discussion.

Presented in partnership with Asia Society Philippines, Kenja, Curvegrid, Kobeibrc



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