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Christine Dychiao sparked joy during her talk about decluttering thru the Konmari Method

Piles and piles of books, overstuffed drawers and shelves, super crowded table tops and pantries—did we just describe your house? Sadly, because of our busy, fast-paced lifestyle that’s consequently creating a never-ending cycle of piling and stocking up on clothing, papers, books, and komono (miscellaneous items), we tend to disregard the growing mess in our homes.

But how do we start with the cleaning process? “The best way to find out what we really need is to let go of what we don’t,” says Marie Kondo, founder of the KonMari method. These words resonated and are still followed to heart by Christine Dychiao, a fashion blogger turned tidying advocate, and now the only certified Konmari consultant in the country.

During her talk, the KonMari consultant explained the approach of the KonMari method. Working with concepts like tidying is a celebration to envisioning your ideal life by starting with your own things, Christine also shared the emotional benefits of decluttering thru letting go of sentimental items. “Life transforming—it changes your life and perspective. You will never revert to clutter again,” she shares, as preached by Kondo-san herself.



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