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January's Monday Minds Session Focuses on Becoming the CEO of Your Own Life

January’s Monday Minds session focused on gearing up for the challenges of the new year while avoiding burnout by harnessing energy to reach our full potential

Integrative health and wellness coach Jacqueline Kressner moderated this special session, drawing on her own corporate experience in finance and sports media. Throughout her career, she has seen how business leaders and entrepreneurs have struggled with burnout. As a full time integrative coach now focusing on health and well-being, she she shared some practical tools, framework and mindset for us to apply not only as we lead our different ventures but also as we take charge as CEO of our own life.

Three main takeaways from the session covered the concepts of energy, awareness, and perseverance, which can help us develop and sustain focus towards achieving our goals. First, we should understand that managing our time is not the answer. Referring to the Power of Full Engagement by Loehr and Schwartz, managing our energy is the key to high performance and personal renewal. Jacqueline also shared tips on how to prime your energy and to look at the dynamics of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy which we need to make sure to align as well as renew.

Next is awareness where the group engaged in the discussion of the Power of Perspective. We were asked about the mindsets we embrace and the self limiting beliefs that hold us back and need to overcome. Challenges and obstacles will always come our way. We can equip ourselves with the kind of perspectives that will allow us to power through them and remain strong.

Finally, we look at perseverance over the long run with the Power of Implementation. Day in and day out, let us discipline our mind and our body to limit distractions keeping us away from our goals. As we talked about managing our energy and priorities, we look at achieving work-life fit and not necessarily a complete balance. We ensure to renew our energy in the key elements such as feeding our minds with new knowledge, nurturing our relationships and spiritual beliefs and, most importantly prioritizing our physical health which is essential to everything we do. With these lessons and habits, we can channel our energy to optimal performance and success.



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