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Ascent Flight offers, quite literally, a lofty option to Manila’s crippling traffic

Darren T’ng and Lionel Sinai-Sinelnikoff discuss about the advantages of Ascent

Congestion is a serious problem in a densely populated city like Manila, which results in billions of dollars in decreased productivity and lost revenue. Darren T’ng and Lionel Sinai-Sinelnikoff, co-founders of Ascent, a pioneer helicopter ride-sharing platform that recently launched in the country, presented the case for taking to the skies to beat the traffic. An urban air service, Ascent would

• save riders time in traffic by as much as 75%

• offer a regular timetable of flights to and from a

variety of destinations

• offer helicopter flights that are accessibly priced, and

• provide online booking and transparent pricing

Ascent, they said, would be more than a helicopter ride; the duo was committed to providing a first-rate service that would be a seamless experience, from the moment of booking to the moment of arrival at the destination. An easy to navigate booking app would be easy to use, providing instant confirmation and fully inclusive fees. Riders would be ushered into a comfortably appointed lounge at selected helipads prior to their flight, while flights would take place on state of the art helicopters.

To be sure, Ascent does not purport to be an option that will appeal to mass commuters, but the founders believe that in time, as helicopter ride-sharing becomes more viable, it may become a more democratic form of transport. “Ascent will not solve all traffic problems in the Philippines or in Southeast Asia,” they said, “but provides an alternative commuter solution, with the intent of enabling our passengers the ability to regain control of their time at a significantly more affordable rate than current day helicopter charter.”

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