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WEBINAR EXCLUSIVE: The Center: Valuing Manila’s Architectural Heritage

Preserving and promoting “heritage” gained ground with the invention of “modernity” in the West. Even as societies looked forward to a technologically and socially advanced future, they also looked back to their past to retain what was of value. Outstanding creations by past generations began to be seen as potential sources of a strong pride of place.

Why preserve Intramuros, the Former Wall Street of Binondo, Tutuban Station, and the ancestral houses in San Nicolas? While reasons may vary from community to community, the importance of heritage is undeniable.

Let’s talk about heritage preservation as we launch Endangered Splendor: Manila’s Architectural Heritage 1571-1960 ( Volume 1: The Center) with the authors Fernando Zialcita, Erik Akpedonu, and journalist Bambina Olivares.



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