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Solar, So Good: Renewable Energy Solutions in the Era of Rising Prices

Rising oil and electricity prices demand a rethink of alternative energy sources. Quintin Pastrana, President of WEnergy Power Pilipinas offered some realistic options to fossil fuels.

1.) We are truly living in VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world with multiple political risks, economic crises, a persistent pandemic.

2.) Southeast Asia is among the most dynamic regions and yet the most vulnerable, given the geopolitics in the area as well as its archipelago nature, making climate and energy security a growing challenge as growth outstrips resources.

3.) The Philippines is among the most vulnerable in this regard as it already has the highest electricity tariffs and where over 70% of its energy needs are imported, fossil fuel based, and at risk of supply shortage and rising prices, not to mention the 3rd most vulnerable in the world to environmental hazards.

4.) Renewable Energy, especially through Microgrids are genuine solution to help democratize, decentralize, and decarbonize energy access especially in remote areas across the archipelago.

5.) WEnergy Global offers a total service solution especially for key sectors such as Agribusiness, Manufacturing, Health Care, Tourism, and Education. This allows clients to save up to an average 50% of their electricity expenses, generate investment returns of above 16% IRR, and a return of that investment in under 5 years. Financing options are also available to enable commercial and industrial firms to access these world class solar PV systems which can integrate advanced battery storage, and even wind turbines after an additional feasibility study. This concept to commissioning solution allows partners and customers to focus on growing their core business while enjoying more competitive and sustainable operations through generating their own clean, reliable, and affordable energy.

6.) A robust QnA and dialogue followed the presentation and our speaker can be reached to answer more questions and map collaboration opportunities at



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